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Over the years we have gained valuable experience in the following industries:

Agriculture, Agro-processing, Aquaculture, Financial Services, Renewable Energy, Retail, Manufacturing, Media, Mining, Trade, Telecommunications, Technology, Shipping and Transport.

International Trade Law

The trade law services offered by the company aim to assist clients in their legal needs relating to international trade transactions to ensure that their businesses are successful and all material legal requirements and risks are managed.

Trade Law Chambers has an international trade law practice that is specifically equipped and engaged to navigate your business through this complex legal matrix buy meridia online .

Some of our most recent international trade law experience includes the following:

  • Lead advisors (legal) to the Government of South Africa in South Africa’s first ever dispute at the World Trade Organization’s Dispute Settlement Body.
  • Undertook a Review of the Role, Responsibilities and Terms of Reference of the SADC Tribunal for the SADC Secretariat
  • Advised the SACU Secretariat on Unfair Trade Practices and drafted the Annex on Unfair Trade Practices to the SACU Agreement for the SACU Secretariat
  • Advised clients on exporting a multitude of products to various countries.
  • Advised clients on establishing a presence in African markets.
  • Advised client on legality of instituting an export tariff and the effect thereof on the entire industry.
  • Advised client on potential legal remedies where non-GMO farmers’ crops are pollinated by GMO farmers.
  • Advised a client on sunset review of anti-dumping duties and assisting in further remedial work
  • Advised various  clients on Rules of Origin in order to benefit from preferential duties in terms of bilateral and regional free trade agreements.
  • Advised SADC Secretariat on private standards within the context of sanitary and phytosanitary measures at the WTO.
  • Advised SADC trade negotiators on the current Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA) with the European Union, with a specific focus on Investment, Services and Agriculture.
  • Advised the Kingdom of Lesotho on its Trade in Services obligations at the WTO as well as domestic legislation.
  • Advised several South African clothing manufacturers on customs tariff determinations.
  • Advised South African clothing manufacturers and importers on  import quotas on Chinese textiles.
  • Advised a number of clients on anti-dumping and countervailing investigations initiated by South Africa’s International Trade Administration Commission.
  • Assisted various clients with bringing applications for tariff increases.
  • Rendered technical assistance to the South African Department of Trade and Industry on South Africa’s GATS commitments at the WTO.
  • Assisted a client to enforce its rights under anti-dumping rules so that competing products would no longer be dumped.
  • Advised various clients on customs classifications, valuations and tariff determinations.
  • Assisting clients to comply with the requirements of the Customs & Excise Act.

Investment Law

We advise business on investing in new markets. We specialise in advising on investment within Africa, although we have advised numerous client in investing in traditional and other emerging markets.

Some of our recent investment law experience includes:

  • Advised numerous clients on their expansion into the international market.
  • Advised a South African Bank on its expansion into the international market.
  • Advised clients in the regulatory environments in numerous jurisdictions.
  • Advised on the provision of financial services across borders.
  • Negotiating and drafting numerous agreements to give effect to clients’ investments.

Corporate Law

We render corporate law services ranging from company registrations and memorandum of incorporation (the old “shareholders agreements”) to corporate agreements.

Some of our recent corporate law experience includes:

  • Advised clients on compliance with competition law as well as advising on the possible actions to be taken against unlawful competitors.
  • Drafted and negotiated various agreements of sales of shares, and sales of businesses which agreements made provision for the multiples of problems which are unique to each transaction (such as the various exit options available).
  • Lead legal advisors for several mergers and acquisitions, including transactions where the target companies were based in the USA and the United Kingdom.
  • Advised on a possible joint venture between a German and American manufacturing concern.
  • Advised on the joint venture agreement between two media companies.
  • Advised on various corporate issues, such as special resolutions, rights issues, debentures, scrip dividends and the appropriate legal vehicle for the situation at hand.
  • Structured various Black Economic Empowerment deals in order to ensure that the deals will contribute towards genuine empowerment and comply with the current and or future charters (as the case may be) and all the accompanying uncertainties.
  • Drafted and negotiated various shareholders agreements as well as drafting the now required memorandum of incorporation.
  • Registration of companies and trademarks.
  • Advised and drafted national franchise agreements which take on a variety of forms, with an emphasis on providing some incentive for the franchisee.
  • Undertook various due diligences on businesses to be acquired.
  • Drafted numerous restraint of trade agreements in order to protect businesses interests.
  • Advised on Brand Management and assisted various clients in trade mark registrations and maintenance, including protection, thereof.

Commercial Law

We have developed our commercial law services to add value to our clients’ activities, especially as they relate to our fields of specialisation.

Some of our recent commercial law experience includes:

  • Drafted numerous commercial contracts for cross-border transactions
  • Drafted numerous commercial contracts for domestic use

Typical examples of these include:

  • Management agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Financing agreements
  • Surety agreements
  • Lease agreements
  • Construction agreements
  • Sales agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Pledge, cession and assignment agreements
  • Agency agreements
  • Service level agreements
  • Software development agreements
  • Property development agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Contract negotiations
  • Advice on problematic terms and conditions

Dispute Resolution

As a solutions-orientated law firm we strongly advocate the use of legal tools to avoid litigation, such as carefully crafted contractual arrangements and pro-active legal compliance. However it may happen that clients still end up in disputes. In such instances we protect the rights of our clients via dispute resolution.

Some of our recent dispute resolution experience in our fields includes:

  • Reviewing governmental decisions that affect the interest of our clients in the High Court and Supreme Court of Appeal;
  • Forcing business partners to comply with international business obligations at the High Court;
  • Attending to arbitrations;
  • Mediating and conciliating conflicts;
  • Settling disputes through negotiations.
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